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Custom-Made VW Crew Vans

For work and leisure in your own pride and joy, you can’t get better than a custom-made crew van.

You can choose from one of four VW crew van conversions, then customise it in a thousand ways. We love seeing what our customers come up with.

T6.1 Business

This top of the range Crew Van is packed with style and flair.

Options include swivels, table and power supply so you can work no matter where you are.

T6.1 BusinesS

VW T6.1 Duoliner Crew Van conversion

T6.1 Duoliner

For work and leisure, the tradesman’s best friend.

Designed for those who need a van and a car all in one; reclining backrests, armrests and side windows are optional.


Blue T6.1 Duovan. Perfect for travel, business and leasure. Converted VW camper van. Flexivan conversions, Salisbury, UK.

T6.1 Duovan

For complete protection.

This OEM standard 5-6 seat double cabin crew van comes with a crash tested ABS moulded bulkhead behind the 3 seat bench to the second row.

T6.1 Duovan

Crafter Duovan

The ultimate solution for transporting people and cargo safely together.

Available for most models including 4-Motion the second row bench can seat 3 or 4.

Crafter Duovan

Exterior VW CRAFTER MWB 4-MOTION DUOVAN for sale. Flexivan VW van conversion specialists, UK.

Crafter Rok Edition Swamper

For those who want to travel to extreme places, in extreme weather.

  • Fully equipped with DUOVAN double cabin seat, trimmed headlining, anti-slip rubber flooring.

rok edition

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All our conversions are custom-made in our Salisbury workshop to meet the highest safety regulations. Why are we obsessed with safety? Because we care about our customers. We love quality. We love vehicles that last. We also love a good night’s sleep.

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VW partners for over 25-years, we’re one of only a handful of British companies that offer Type Approval. This means our work meets the same industry-leading safety standards as VW’s own factory.

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Every van and conversion comes with our 3 year warranty. This protects you against any manufacturing or material defect for up to 3 years or 100,000 miles from first registration, whichever comes first. The only exceptions are the hydraulic access lifts, which comes with a 12-month warranty.

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